March 7

Pregnant cast

The 100 Walking Dead

This is a show I started watching as a filler. Lets face it almost every new show on the CW is geared to everyone between 13 and 25 but occasionally they have a really good hit (Supernatural). This show recently has gotten better on occasion to almost make it worthy of Saturday morning. The main character though who plays a young adult I am assuming right around 21-22 I have noticed in real life is quite pregnant, it is showing in her face especially last episode which is blowing the “I’m young” illusion for me. Still I will still save this show for when there is nothing left.

Speaking of pregnant I was watching Walking Dead last night and the scene when the two lesbian girls Tara and Denise are saying goodbye in the kitchen, couldn’t help but notice somebodies tits grew in a few episodes. Yes pregnant! Alanna Masterson confirmed later on Talking Dead she was preggers during this scene but has since given birth.



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