March 24

Morning besties!

Yep its another Monday. I know some of you hate Monday but I love it, why you ask? Because my family goes to work and I have some peace and quiet for a few hours before I get those inevitable questions, “Whats for dinner?”, “Where are my shoes?”, “What’s for Dinner?”.   I swear sometimes my family cant find there own butts without me. At the same time I am happy about this because they need me. My plan this morning was to start the Dr.Oz diet, but my birthday is Saturday so this is not a good time to start a diet. Instead I have decided to implement some of the basics of the diet then after my birthday go headstrong for the next week. So this morning no coffee, instead lemon and water then in lieu of my iced coffee, iced green tea. Admitedly the water and lemon not an awful thing and green tea well it is something I am getting used to.

Last night I made Shepard’s Pie and it wasn’t the heavy mess that I am used too it was a very light meal. I got the recipe from the Wendy Williams show I did make a few changes myself so please go to her website and check it out then look at my version which is for two people.

So here is to water and lemon in the morning Photo on 3-24-14 at 10.16 AM

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