July 12

More technical stuff…

I was able to fix my freezing problem and sure enough it was because my pictures were way to big they were freezing my computer in the upload so I have now reduced the too 600×800 which is still a big file by my standards. Sitting here in Starbucks patting my back so to speak. now I just need to work on the lighting when I take my pictures since most of the time i am using my iPhone who knew that iPhone pictures were so huge! Well back to regular blogging cause I’ve got all kinds of things I want to get out of my head.

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July 11

Site Problems

Lately I have been having a problem with loading pictures to my site. Invariably I think it is because the photos have been to big and things just stall. Not sure but I will have to figure this out because it has become quite annoying, also you never expect a Mac to freeze on you. I know what some of you techies are thinking well it is probably your computer, but it has only been n this website so I am thinking not. Fortunately I do back up my computer regularly to a hard drive so if it is my computer at least I wont lose everything that I have done. In the mean time I wont put up pictures until I can fix this and I might be erasing a few that are already on the website and reposting them once I have reduced the size.

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January 24

Technology is a wonderful thang … when it works

Today I found the internet browser on my television I was going to write from there but it is still just easier to do this from my computer while I lay in my bed .

Home ice coffee

It may be 10 degrees out but i still got my ice coffee.

So just doing some morning writing to exercise my finger muscles before I start back on writing the wait  for it … GREATEST NOVEL OF THE CENTURY.  Hark Hark . I am really not expecting anyone to read my book I am actually doing it for my self since I think this will be the only thing left of my personal legend when I die. Oh and of course this silly blog. plus I am trying to get in to the habit of voicing my opinions here and not just to whoever I am talking to since I don’t have many friends in my new home.

I think kids today are soft. Kids have been out of school now for three days because 8 inches f snow fell on Tuesday. I hate to sound like Cosby but I remember walking to school backwards uphill in a dress for 2 miles to get to school in snow that went up to my knees.  getting to class laying down on the floor and having a teacher unzip me out of my snow suit. I haven’t seen one kid in my neighborhood build a snow fort or a snowman. My mom would have pushed me outside and said don’t come back until my lips were blue and that is pretty damn cold when you’re a short little black girl. I’m just saying.


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