January 29

Farewell my Hairdryer

Today I say farewell to my hairdryer. It has seen me through good times and bad for almost 20 years. Finally letting it go was the hardest thing for me but I finally realized that I was doing it for myself and it was not healthy for my hairdryer  to keep it hanging on.  So yesterday morning I pulled the plug for the last time.

I know it may be a little silly but I needed to write a eulogy for my hairdryer but you can call it an honorable mention. In 20 years this hairdryer has traveled across these United States from Brooklyn, New York to Los Angeles , California. It has never been replaced or lost once. I remember when I bought my electronic wonder in Atlanta many years ago. I rode the #21 Memorial Drive bus to Five Points station and popped into my favorite beauty supply store to try to find a “black girl” hair dryer. I’ll never forget because I could not afford the coveted Gold N’ Hot that all the girls had so I just went with the Revlon and prayed to the hair gods.  It was the usual 1875W so I figured that it would do and it even had a cool down button. I got it home and released it from the box after washing my hair still saying a little prayer. The gods must have been listening because this thing was so hot it not only dried my hair it straightened it! It was so hot that if I i stayed to long in one place my hair would start to smoke, this was indeed the tool of the gods! You my jest and send me a side glance at this point  but I assure you this was indeed a superior coiffing machine. My friends came from blocks away with fresh wet hair just to experience its instant warmth. Family traveled miles waiting for the moment they arrived at my home just to blow out the hair. I will go so far as to say that I probably had the first blow out bar that actually served wine in history.  I went on vacation with confidence knowing that in my suitcase was a blow dryer that would get me from the pool to the dinner table without skipping a beat I don’t need that  sad in room hairdryer that is supposedly made for everyone.

Oh well, I am no one of the general masses looking for that perfect machine. i recently bought a new one. Don’t worry it is nothing like you my long time friend its 10 times heavier and takes long to dry my hair and now I have to use a flat-iron every other day. You will be missed and remembered for years to come so long my good friend.

January 29

Ice Coffee at home finally

Starbucks home ice coffee maker



This is the most awesome thing ever on those mornings I don’t want to get dressed to have my ice coffee. I love ice coffee even when it is 10 below outside. But making a cup of it in the morning time consuming!! So yes I bought it. I used to waste so much coffee because you can’t put a coffee press in the fridge. The metal changes the taste of the coffee.  so no more making a whole pot putting ice on half and throwing the other half away because its to strong for regular coffee. No more looking for my bra at 6 am and driving to Starbucks like a bedroom zombie just so I can go get coffee then come back home and sit on the couch with it for two hours until I am actually ready to get dressed.


hat tip/ Starbucks

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