March 2

Its my birthday! Can I plan my own party?

Miss Barbie Brown

I’m a diva I admit. So I have decided to plan my party. Yes I’m planning my funeral too and there will be a guest list. I won’t plan the presents but i refuse to be disappointed because the celebration wasn’t what I wanted. Yess I’m buying a tierra you only get to be a princess one day a year unless you’re actually a princess. Judge, trust I did. I’m even going to bake a cake to share with everyone. Share your thoughts I live in America but know it won’t change my mind.

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December 1

Decorating for the Holidays

IMG_3754 IMG_3753




This year I decided to decorate using things from around my home I also wanted to make the house smell very good. I got the oranges idea from the Today Show. So I bought some navel oranges and decorated them with cloves making different designs on each. It smells really good. Since I used fresh oregano to cook with and I put this on the table and surrounded it with red grapes the oranges and some pine cones from the yard as seen above on the pie platter the in a bowl I placed cinnamon stick lemons decorated with cloves and walnuts shells on. Candles are battery operated. as you can guess when you walked in the dining room the smell of cinnamon and oranges and cloves lingered in the air.

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