October 28

Just not Looking

Well, I am not saying having a relationship is not awesome I’m am just not looking for a significant other, a boyfriend, or even a friend with benefits. I have friends I’ve known them for years and only a couple of them have experienced benefits. I think like a dude guys.  If you come in my life and we happen to click its awesome!  I live in the here and now it has always suited me just fine. Besides I like taking up my entire king size bed and I leaving a quarter of it for my cats, the dog, and my clothes that I shed in the middle of the night.  The maid helps me with the rest.

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June 3


This is invariably the first word we all learn, well if English is your first language. So why is it so hard to say it as you get older? I ask this because right now I am learning to say no when I’m full, I don’t want another helping stop pushing it on me! Remember when you were a kid and when you were full you just shut your mouth and shook your head when you were done? Your mom would try to pry that last spoonful of peas in your mouth. But NO isn’t just for food. The only people you should feel bad about saying no to is your parents. If you don’t want something or don’t want to do something, channel the Reagan campaign and just say NO. Soon it will get easier and you will feel yourself getting back to your inner child. Beside no is easier to say then an excuse, or suffering through an event you don’t feeling like dealing with.


Just my two cents what’s yours?

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June 2

Time for some new rants!

Well, its been a while since I posted and let me just say it was not for lack of things to post.  I’ve just been pretty busy. The snow is finally gone so now is the time to welcome visiting family members, do some planting, and attend summer parties. Along with this I still have to keep up with the regular everyday life stuff but I am attempting to keep everything in order so i hope you can bear with me. I hope I used the spelling of bare.

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