January 1

Happy New Year!

It that time of year where everyone has a resolution. Usually they are losing weight getting healthier spend more time with the fam. Ive tried one of these at one New Year’s or more but this year I’m going to go a different way. I am spending more time with me, I am also going to do more preojects that help me fell fullfilled. Yep this year is a me year. So hold on people because I am putting my air mask on first before helping others.

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March 2

Its my birthday! Can I plan my own party?

Miss Barbie Brown

I’m a diva I admit. So I have decided to plan my party. Yes I’m planning my funeral too and there will be a guest list. I won’t plan the presents but i refuse to be disappointed because the celebration wasn’t what I wanted. Yess I’m buying a tierra you only get to be a princess one day a year unless you’re actually a princess. Judge, trust I did. I’m even going to bake a cake to share with everyone. Share your thoughts I live in America but know it won’t change my mind.

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