March 2

Its my birthday! Can I plan my own party?

Miss Barbie Brown

I’m a diva I admit. So I have decided to plan my party. Yes I’m planning my funeral too and there will be a guest list. I won’t plan the presents but i refuse to be disappointed because the celebration wasn’t what I wanted. Yess I’m buying a tierra you only get to be a princess one day a year unless you’re actually a princess. Judge, trust I did. I’m even going to bake a cake to share with everyone. Share your thoughts I live in America but know it won’t change my mind.

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October 28

Just not Looking

Well, I am not saying having a relationship is not awesome I’m am just not looking for a significant other, a boyfriend, or even a friend with benefits. I have friends I’ve known them for years and only a couple of them have experienced benefits. I think like a dude guys.  If you come in my life and we happen to click its awesome!  I live in the here and now it has always suited me just fine. Besides I like taking up my entire king size bed and I leaving a quarter of it for my cats, the dog, and my clothes that I shed in the middle of the night.  The maid helps me with the rest.

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