March 24

Seasoning cast iron

Most people inherit their cast iron cookware but some get to buy new. Honestly if you’re lucky enough to inherit yours you are blessed.

How to clean or season cast iron cookware

  2. Pour in a half cup of coarse Kosher salt. Take a good size piece of aluminum rounded to a rough ball and scrub and food particles away. Then discard salt.
  3. Pour in a 1/4 cup of oil ( I like olive oil but you can use any kind even lard) use a soft cloth to rub this in and all over cookware. Do not use paper towels they tend to shed.
  4. Bake at 450 for 30 min
cast iron
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January 7

Here we go its that time again!

Youre probably going what time is it? Well its that time of year that you open up your new planner. I used to buy one evey year and to be quite honest I have always way more productive when I have a written down plan and a planner. I’m old school keeping my my plans and to do list only just does not do it for me. I need to write things on paper or they are only dreams not plans. Which brings me to this weeks quote.

Don’t call it a dream call it a plan.


In other words until you do the steps and the work it is just a dream if you want it to happen you need to make a plan not just wish for divine intervention.

I find that I have always accomplished more when I have a planner and a calendar, so in an attempt to shed the slacker life style I seem to have acquired over the last couple of years I am back to using a daily and weekly planner. I went with The Happy Planner this year way more colorful and fun then my old planners with stickers and everything. The y even have tons of creative YouTube videos